Hello, from 6ft Away

Hello, fellow humans.

Welcome to COVID Operations. My first post is a small brief about this Operation.

COVID’S contagion is joy, laughter, and stories written from a 4th floor apartment in New York City.

Save the Face Masks for the Hospitals

I am here to keep sane during this global pandemic. Fear is spreading across the globe. Let’s slow the rate of infection.

Before clicking follow, you should know…

  • My bike is my magic carpet.
  • I’m an Australian living in New York.
  • I bought three fish when self-isolation laws came into effect.
  • Two of those fish, Cora and Rona, have already died.
  • Sometimes, I forget hand sanitizer when I leave the house.
  • I ordered 24 bottles of red wine when the first case of Corona hit NYC.
  • I sailed from Australia to Burma once. Well, I was on a boat that sailed from Australia to Burma.
  • Carnival, the third fish, is thriving in self-isolation.

Now that you know a little about me, my intentions and my shady track record with pets, it’s time for you to decide…….

To follow, or………not to follow.

Published by C0VID 0perations

A New Yorker in the time of Corona. This is not an ideal situation, but that's no reason to lose ideals. Trying to fight fear and hysteria through yoga, strolls (yes, 6ft from you), and the comic beauty that Corona can't kill.

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