UX Writer in NYC

UX and Me

I am a UX Writer and Designer focused on the intersection of design, brand, and copy. I simplify complex ideas and craft intuitive and delightful user experiences that solve complex user problems.

I have six years of experience in content creation, have worked with cross-functional teams, and enjoy working with products across their lifecycle.

My Skills

My Work

Responsive Web


The Context: fINEQUITY, a credit education organization, came to us looking to move their curriculum online and energize their users, formerly incarcerated people, to build their credit.

The Problem: How to motivate users to engage in credit education and building.

The Challenge

  • Discover how formerly incarcerated individuals perceive credit.
  • Design an educational platform for credit building that considers the unique needs of its users. 
  • Write engaging and user-centric microcopy that motivates users to engage in credit education.

A Website Analysis

The Brooklyn Museum

The Context: The Brooklyn museum is a hub for cultural events in NYC. With over 500,000 visitors per year viewing the museums 1.5 million artifacts and event’s rotisserie, does the website support user goals?

The Problem: Online users have difficulty purchasing tickets and finding events and artifacts that interest them.

A Native App


The Context: Avid readers are always looking for their next book, but how do they find it? People use multiple platforms across multiple devices to confirm their next book will meet their needs.

The Problem: Avid readers need a way to find trusted book recommendations because current search methods are inefficient.

Coming Soon

General Assembly: Global Outcomes Site

A Redesign for GA’s Outcomes Site focusing on navigation microcopy and a language style guide

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci