No Clubs or Pubs: Drug Dealers sell Coke under Cherry Blossom Trees

A man limps towards me, dreadlocks tickling his bum, eyes darting up 6th Ave then back at me. ‘Molly, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, mushroom, quaaludes.”“Not today,” I say.‘Coke?’Usually, the pedestrian crossing would be thick with eyes, but today, it’s just me and a dreadlocked dealer making a marketing pitch in the middle of the street. “HaveContinue reading “No Clubs or Pubs: Drug Dealers sell Coke under Cherry Blossom Trees”

COVID Operation: What day is it, NYC?

It’s Sunday, but that has become irrelevant. If I’m staying at my girlfriends, most days pass the same-Coffee, cuddles, sex, work, breakfast, run, shower, work, sex, lunch, work, yoga, stroll, wine, Netflix read.Today, Rona, our pet fish of thee days, died. I wish her death were symbolic of Corona’s slow demise, but outside this dim-litContinue reading “COVID Operation: What day is it, NYC?”

Hello, from 6ft Away

Hello, fellow humans. Welcome to COVID Operations. My first post is a small brief about this Operation. COVID’S contagion is joy, laughter, and stories written from a 4th floor apartment in New York City. I am here to keep sane during this global pandemic. Fear is spreading across the globe. Let’s slow the rate ofContinue reading “Hello, from 6ft Away”