Hi, I’m Renae

People watching is my favorite hobby

Design Philosophy

The “why” of behavior excites me.

When writing product microcopy, I prioritize user research and consider the whole ecosystem, not just the moment of interaction. As a UX Writer, I see my self as the tour guide of any product experience. I use conversational language that embodies brand values to encourage users to achieve their goals efficiently and with a touch of delight.

My Background

I have a Masters in Creative Writing and completed a UX Design Immersive Bootcamp at General Assembly. I have worked in e-learning for the last two years and have aligned myself with educational products. Before UX, I worked as an editor and copywriter for 6 years and an Occupational Therapist for eight years. Human behavour intrigues me and solving problems is a reflex that is honed by almost a decade as a human centered professional.

The Professional

  • I love a round table of ideas
  • User first, brand second
  • Teamwork is my favorite work
  • I am a lifelong learner

The Out of Office

  • I go fishing to relax
  • I sailed from Australia to Burma
  • I surf in summer and snowboard in winter
  • I performed spoken word poetry around NYC


UX Design

User first design with a strong process of research, synthesis and a solution.

User Research

User interviews, affinity mapping, persona building, identifying user problems

Usability Testing

Website, prototype, and produce usability testing to underpin recommendations

Heuristic Analysis

Adhered to Nielsen Heuristics to determine if the product/site aligns with UX principles

UX Writing

I write and standardize microcopy that’s aligned with brand values

Copy Writing

Writing copy that empowers users to engage with the product


Rapid building of mi-fi wireframes for usability tests before moving into hi-fi prototype.

Creative Strategy

Design strategy based on competitive analysis and UX principles








Invision Freehand


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